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"What you've done will greatly help our industry. Thanks. Glad someone finally took on this project. (Inventor of the Frantz Strut - USA)"

"Just did a first testrun, and I must say I'm impressed. This is a very good tool considering its price category. Great tool! So much better than a simple strobe." (Belgium.)

"The use of the scope with the Dynex is blowing me out of the water - awesome potential. It has already smoothed out a heretofore miserable unit, with virtually no effort and time. I am just having too much fun with it for that level of intensity." (USA)

"this is an awesome tool. It amazes me every time I use it; and results are incredible. Once understood, it has a level of accuracy simply not obtainable with the standard practices. Excellent device - and Dynex loves to keep checking in with upgrades. Well, well worth the money." (USA)

"Just balanced my first fan with the Dynex Hobby Vortex Kit. I am really impressed as it made a HUGE difference to some cheap 70mm 6s Fans. You've go a great product there and I'll be telling people about it. Great after service sales too." (Australia)

"As an electronics engineer, this thing appears to be very well thought out. The fact that the person who created this thought about measurement of the own frequency of the support shows a good knowledge of this matter." (Germany)

" I had some seemingly 'great' fan results with the phone. Though I did manual clock method in hand to reach even better points after that. But with the Dynex that is now a whole new amazing level!!" (Australia)

"Your support in the forums is OUTSTANDING! It's businesses like yours that keep this hobby alive and fun" (USA)

"WELL WORTH every cent!! I would say there is no better way to balance fans or motors. (Australia)

"After a complete test run and comparing it to the laser method I used in the past, I am very pleased with the intelligence of your program. It gives the Hz (speed) good idea. It gives all parameters needed for the test weight, and calculates nicely at the 4 point method everything needed." (France)

"Thanks for a great machine I am impressed with the level of balance I have been able to achieve with the KJ66 rotor. Although the engine was running fine even at max rpm 123000 bearing life was about 3hrs which is about 36 flights.

The trial weight ball of blue tack I got down to was only about 2mm dia. when I gently touched the bearing block when spinning I could not feel any vibration at all. So no complaints here. So much better than the original balance.

When I started the engine straight away I could tell it was much smoother. Take off was great." (UK)
Here is an amazing video of a cheap $13 Outrunner (HobbyKing Turnigy L2855-2300kv), bell balanced (using Dynex) and then total EDF unit unit balanced by the Vortex. The results are amazing! Has nice turbine sound.