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STEP 2 Trial Unbalance
STEP 3 Determine Required Balance weight
The 4 Point Balance

The 4 Point Balance is a robust way of balancing rotors and is less prone to error. For this method you will need to assemble your motor & rotor assembly in a cradle. Generally the cradle can be anything that will restrain the motor but will allow it to rock side to side freely. The rocking motion is what is measured by the balancer sensor. For the single plane balance you will need the following items;

  Vortex (naturally)
  Accelerometer sensor
  PC cable or USB adaptor

>>Click to see cradle setup examples

Click on the DynexHobby icon on your desktop, then click on the platform icon e.g. Aircraft. Under the aircraft window click on "4 Point".You will also need to setup the "Advanced Vibration Meter" located under the main window. Once everything is setup you are ready to proceed.

>>Click to setup Advanced Vibration Meter

STEP 1 Original Vibration (No weights)
0 Degree
120 Degree
240 Degree
Comments about the solution 
You would have noticed that the solution doesn't' lie on one of the propeller blades. If the rotor was a disc then this would not be an issue. A special tool is available under the main menu that allows the user to split the solution mass between adjacent blades. To access the tool click on the toolkit under the main menu and then click on "Weight Split."