About Us

DynexHobby  is a small online hobby supplier. It was created by a hobbyist for hobbyist. Dynex started with the need of providing balancing solutions to the RC modeller. RC EDF jet and drone builders needed a way to balance their motors, fans and propellers. Nothing existed in the market place to satisfy this need. There were true dynamic balancers out there but the starting price tag was $2500. Being thrift hobbiest, we wouldn't spend more than $250 for this capability. So like every broke modeller out there, we scrounged around enough parts to research and build a prototype. The prototype proved to be successful and Vortex was born.

After the first prototype was tested, the circuit was redesigned again and again until the final version of Vortex was produced. The Vortex was designed to be a simple education kit aimed at the hobbiest who wants to learn how dynamic balancing is performed. Simple software tools are provided to aid in the learning process. Hobbiest can play around with the various elements in the software to see how various weights alter the vibration level of a rotating device.