Impulse User Manual

User manual for the Impulse system.

Vortex User Manual

User manual for the Vortex system. No longer sold.

Platinum Software Manual

User manaual for our platinum software suite. This software has the latest features wrapped into a single application.

Balancing Methods Guide

User guide that demonstrates balancing methods employed by DynexHobby systems.

AirTune Software Manual

User guide for the AirTune software manual.

Two Plane Rotor Balancing Article

An article describing how Impulse can be applied for 2 plane rotor balancing. Warning! Due to the high running speeds, ths method may not be suitable for small turbines.

Laser Sensor Module

A basic guide on using the laser sensor module for balancing.

Newton Balancing Cradle

User manual for assembling the Newton Balance Cradle

Titan Balancing Cradle

User manual for assembling the Titan Balance Cradle

Tutorial 1 - 2 Blade Propeller Balance

A simple way to balance drone propellers. The motor mount can be purchased on eBay. The device used to balance is the Dynexhobby Impulse balancer. Balancing propellers is the best way to reduce vibration when filming video on drones.

Tutorial 2 - Motor balancing using 4 Point Method

This video demonstrates how to balance an outrunner motor using the 4 point method. Small motors normally don't require balancing however larger motors may. A small imbalance was simulated for this tutorial using black PVC tape. The device used to balance is the Dynexhobby Impulse.

Tutorial 3 - Mavic Pro Propeller Balancing

The method is presented here to dynamic balance the DJI Mavic Pro propellers. Many of the propellers checked using this method did not require any adjustment for imbalance. This method can be used if excessive vibration is experienced during flight

Multirotor designer

Here is a quick video demonstrating how to use the new multirotor designer. The designer calculates the critical vibration frequency of the airframe. The result is then compared to a finite element model of a X525 quadcopter.

Safety Video

Please watch this video before using any DynexHobby balancing or vibration analysis equipment.

Live Single Plane Balance Method

This is an example of a single plane balance of an EDF. This uses the Dynexhobby Live Balance Method.