Dynexhobby at the heart of Performance

Dynexhobby manufactures advanced vibration and Do-it-yourself (DIY) balancing tools for next generation drones. If you have experienced excessive vibration or reduced performance we have the solution for you.

Impulse 2

Impulse 2 is an exciting new product for hobbyist and drone enthusiast. Its advanced design allows users to balance fan units, wheels, shafts, rotors and just about anything that rotates.

The Impulse can also perform vibration analysis. Hobbyist will find this to be a valuable tool in diagnosing the source of annoying vibration. 


Titan DIY Balancing System

The Titan Balancing Cradle is the latest addition to the DynexHobby DIY balancer series. The Titan is constructed from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum, ball bearing joints and stainless-steel fasteners. It is designed for quality at a hobbyist budget.

The Titan cradle provides a frictionless suspension system that allows the rotor to move freely about its centroid such that imbalance can be measured. The Titan is an entry level balancer and allows users to construct their own DIY balancing rig at low cost. It is perfectly matched with Impule 2 and its sensors.


Need for speed

High performance from a balanced solution

The roots from Dynexhobby stem from the need to balance electric ducted fans. From this initial application, Dynexhobby quickly realised that there were so many more applications requiring balancing.

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Advanced Software

More than just hardware

The hardware is supported by an advanced software tool kit. various software applications are available for performing vibration analysis and dynamic balancing. Simply download and run, no installation required. Best of all the software is free!

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Balancing Snapshot

Why balance?

This video clearly demonstrates the difference balancing makes to motor and fan performance

Helicopter Tail Balancing

DynexHobby hardware used to balance RC Helicopter tail rotor assembly.

Ducted Fan Balancing

Here is an amazing video of a cheap $13 Outrunner (HobbyKing Turnigy L2855-2300kv), bell balanced (using DynexHobby system) and then total EDF unit unit balanced. The results are amazing! Has a nice turbine sound.

Balancing Drone Blades

Ever experienced the "Jello effect" when filming on your drone?  The video below illustrates how to remove the jello effect. Note that the video uses a magnetic balancer to balance blades. However, with DynexHobby products you will get to balance the motors and propellers with a much higher level of accuracy!! 

"Just did a first testrun, and I must say I'm impressed. This is a very good tool considering its price category. Great tool! So much better than a simple strobe." (Belgium.)

"The use of the scope with the Dynex is blowing me out of the water - awesome potential. It has already smoothed out a heretofore miserable unit, with virtually no effort and time. I am just having too much fun with it for that level of intensity." (USA)

"this is an awesome tool. It amazes me every time I use it; and results are incredible. Once understood, it has a level of accuracy simply not obtainable with the standard practices. Excellent device - and Dynex loves to keep checking in with upgrades. Well, well worth the money." (USA)

"Just balanced my first fan with the Dynex Hobby Kit. I am really impressed as it made a HUGE difference to some cheap 70mm 6s Fans. You've go a great product there and I'll be telling people about it. Great after service sales too." (Australia)

"As an electronics engineer, this thing appears to be very well thought out. The fact that the person who created this thought about measurement of the own frequency of the support shows a good knowledge of this matter.” (Germany)

" I had some seemingly 'great' fan results with the phone. Though I did manual clock method in hand to reach even better points after that. But with the Dynex that is now a whole new amazing level!!" (Australia)

Windows PC

Our software uses the full power of Windows. No installation required just download and run.


Our vibration analysis system is real time. See the results as it happens. No need to wait for post processing.

Low Cost

Dynexhobby hardware is low cost. Best of all software is totally Free!